A Rapid Glass Shower Screen will offer a spacious and deluxe look to your bathroom or ensuite. Our range includes Framed, Semi Framed and Frameless designs and we use quality fixtures and fittings.

We supply clear toughened glass or a variety of patterned toughened glass, with a frame colour to suit your style and requirements. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellence in quality and service.

Frameless Shower Screen

A Frameless Shower Screen has no frame or rubber seals contained in the shower screen or door, which makes fewer places for dirt and grime to build up. A Frameless Shower Screen is top of the range, often used in high end builds, it is more expensive than other shower screen types, its clean, clear glass will open up your bathroom or ensuite to make it look larger and more luxurious.

    • 10mm Frameless
    • 6mm Frameless
    • 10mm Frameless Panel
    • Frameless Bath Swing Panel

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

A Semi Frameless Shower Screen combines the best of both worlds. These shower screens use minimal aluminium, in a much less conspicuous fashion than a framed screen. The frame is typical of contemporary styling and fits very well into any modern bathroom or ensuite. Using 6mm clear toughened glass, these shower screens can easily withstand the rigors of daily use. A Semi Frameless Shower Screen is visually attractive, highly affordable and the most popular choice amongst builders and renovators.

Framed Shower Screen

A Framed Shower Screen is robust and cost effective shower screen design. It offers three design modes, a pivoting door, corner entry and sliding panels which are space affective. The fully supported structure of a Framed Shower Screen allows for a wide variety of design configurations. No matter the size or layout of your bathroom or ensuite an appropriate shower screen design and configuration can be created. A Framed Shower Screen is recommended for high traffic areas, rental properties, commercial change rooms etc.

Bath Screen

Glass Range

Our popular glass range includes Clear, Spotswood, Cathedral, Satinlite, Acid Etch and Translucent. Original samples can be viewed to assist with your selection.





Acid Etch

Frame Range

A range of powder coat colours are available for Framed and Semi Frameless Shower Screens, the most popular frame choices include White, Bright Silver, Matt Silver, Almond / Ivory and White Birch other colours are available on request.


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