Measuring Guide

You can easily obtain a quote from Rapid Glass by emailing your plans, drawing a sketch or calling us with an approximate measurement for a shower screen, window, mirror and/or sliding robe door.

All you need is a tape measure. Then if you are satisfied with the price, you can arrange for Rapid Glass to come and do the final measurements to place an order. This will save you time from waiting around at home for someone to come measure and allow you to compare prices. Once you are satisfied with the quote, a professional measurement will be done afterwards.

Mirror Guide

Things to consider for a shower screen:
  • When choosing your height keep in mind the standard height size is 2000mm from the floor to the top of the shower screen, this can be higher or lower to suit your requirements.
  • When choosing your door opening (left or right hand side), look where your vanity and towel rails are situated to ensure you have enough room for the door to open.
Below are sample drawings and guides to assist you with measuring. Ensure you measure width, height and length based on your product.

Shower Screen Guide