Hob Removal & Safety Rail – Safe Shower

Safe and Accessible Showers

An older style bathroom often has a shower hob that is a tiled step which overtime becomes a safety issue for elderly people or a person with special needs.

Rapid Glass can coordinate the removal of the hob and replace the glass shower screen this will help with accessibility modifications and make your shower area safe.

Rapid Glass specialise in bathroom hob removal.

  • Discuss your shower transformation needs
  • Removal of hob
  • Experienced Tiler to remove and replace floor tiling
  • Experienced Glazier to remove and replace your shower screen
  • Opportunity to choose a modern new bathroom look
  • Install safety handrail
  • Reduce fall risk
  • Ensure your shower area is safe

To further discuss the removal of your shower hob contact Rapid Glass on 0403 183 422 or email sales@rapidglass.biz and we will happily assist with your needs.