5 Tips – Choose The Perfect Shower Screen

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Shower Screen | Rapid Glass

If you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, no doubt you’re thinking of getting a shower screen installed. Shower screens are high utility items which can keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. They are also elegant to look at and far better than cheap shower curtains.

However, there are some areas to consider when shopping for shower screens in Perth. Is your main priority design and aesthetics? Functionality or perhaps its ease of access?

1. Consider your budget

While most of our shower screens are affordable, the range of prices can vary significantly elsewhere in the market.

Of course, whatever your budget may be, you must never compromise on quality. There is no use choosing something cheap and then spending thousands on fixing problems later on. If you’re looking for something really affordable, yet of high quality, consider a Semi Frameless Shower Screen.

2. Consider your bathroom size and space available

Once you have your budget determined, you should next consider the available space and size of your bathroom. For this, you will need to take measurements of your shower space and also the area around it.

If you have a small shower space, you should opt for a Frameless Shower Screen with clear glass. Such shower screens do not have unnecessary attachments and can easily fit into compact spaces. Also, the clear glass will allow light to pass through, making your bathroom appear larger.

If space is not a constraint, you can go for either Frameless or Semi-Frameless shower screens with patterned or frosted glass. Patterned or frosted glass will not affect the proportion of large bathrooms.

Also, when shopping for shower screens in Perth, consider the shape of the screen. This will depend on the size of your bathroom. Shower screens with sliding doors are the best for small spaces, as they are easily accessible. Pivoted and hinged doors are a practical solution for a standard bathroom size and will provide years trouble free operation.

3. Choose high-quality glass

An important thing that I mention to all customers is to always choose high-quality glass that meets Australian Safety Standards. You really don’t want any accidents to happen in your bathroom, especially if you have kids.

All our shower screens are made from toughened safety glass which meets AS2208 standards of safety. This type of glass will not crack or break, even when considerable force is applied to it. By choosing our quality shower screens, you can make your bathroom safer for your family.

Rapid Glass shower screens are perfectly measured and custom made to accommodate your tiling, bathroom shapes, out of square/level walls and flooring. So yes, you can buy a shower screen from Bunning’s for a cheaper price and try to install yourself or pay someone to install for you; whereas we can custom make, install and provide warranty for nearly the same price! Unless your bathroom is perfectly square and level a pre-fabricated shower screen will not fit properly, in addition a majority of these products are of a very poor quality – have you not noticed the ones on display are usually broken……this in turn will only require the job to be redone, by a professional.

4. Choose something that’s easy to maintain

When shopping for a new shower screen, you must choose something that’s easy to maintain. This means that the glass should be accessible at all places and easy to clean.

Note clear glass is easier to maintain than frosted or patterned glass. Also, Frameless screens are easier to clean than framed or Semi-Frameless ones, as they are free of any fixtures or tiny areas.

5. Call in the experts

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many homeowners select and install shower screens on their own. Do not make this mistake – take advice from someone who has! Installing shower screens takes a significant amount of skill. If things go wrong, it becomes a costly and more importantly, a dangerous affair.

Call upon a glazier to help you choose and install your shower screen. Rapid Glass can help select the right shower screen for your bathroom and assist with the installation.

When you’re looking for your new shower screen you need to make a few considerations to ensure you end up with the solution best for your bathroom. First of all, you must determine your budget and select a shower screen that fits in. Next up, consider the size and space of your bathroom – this will determine the type of screen to go for. Always ensure it features high-quality glass and will be easy to maintain. Finally, do not hesitate to seek expert help in selecting and installing your shower screens.

We have a wide range of shower screens including Frameless, Semi-Frameless and Framed models. Whatever style, size and budget you may have, we have something that will work for you.

To know more about our high quality shower screens, please give us a call 0403 183 422.